We believe that our teachers are the staple of our program.   We endeavor to provide the finest early childhood education and Fleur De Lis School’s incredible reputation is primarily due to the high caliber of our teachers.  Each teacher has been carefully selected and oriented to our school’s values, philosophy and community.  When bringing in a new teacher to our team, we look for individuals who not only have the best educational background and experience, but those whose life’s work is education of young children.  We are proud to say that many of our teachers have been at Fleur De Lis for over 10 years and had their own children graduate from our program!

Our teachers engage in ongoing professional development through attending workshops, taking child development courses, and staff training.  Through ongoing communication, our teachers strive to develop a partnering relationship with our families.


Beverly Jensen- Senior Director

Beverly (“Bev”) Jensen has been a part of Fleur De Lis Family for over 40 years!  She started as a teaching assistant and was promoted to a teacher, where she had an opportunity to work with every age group.  Later on, for many years, Bev co-directed and ran many of the school’s daily operations.  In 2013, she became the Director and Kira Rivkin joined the team as an Assistant Director.

Bev obtained her Bachelor’s Degree from San Diego State University in Child and Family Development and has attended many professional development conferences over the years.  Although today she spends most of her time in the office or giving tours to prospective families, her favorite part of the day is making playdough with the children, playing in the sandbox, and singing songs on her guitar!  Bev met her husband Dave while working at Fleur De Lis and both of their children came to the school when they were little.  One of Bev’s biggest joys is seeing former students return back to Fleur De Lis with children of their own and seeing what great people and parents they’ve become.

Tina Smith – Director

Tina Smith has been with Fleur De Lis for over 24 years.  She began as a teaching assistant, was promoted to teacher, working in our older 3 year-old class, and later made the move to our Pre-Kindergarten program.  Before becoming a Director in 2021, she also served as the Curriculum Specialist and Parent Liaison.

Aside from her education in Child and Family Development, Tina continues to take every opportunity to attend professional development conferences and workshops.   She enjoys collaborating with teachers to help keep students engaged in the classroom, planning workshops for teachers and families, and   spending time with each age group.  Away from Fleur De Lis, Tina enjoys cooking, playing with the family dog, Qtip, and spending time with her two children who also attended Fleur De Lis.   Tina looks forward to sharing her passion, and establishing a love of learning for children and a foundation of trust with existing and incoming families.  Her professional dedication, love of children, and ability to build lasting partnerships with FDL families continues to drive her passion for Early Childhood Education.