Pre-K Program


pre-k classpre-k programA typical day in the Fleur De Lis Pre-K program includes many different types of activities to meet the needs of the whole child (social, emotional, cognitive, and physical).  Children are provided large blocks of time to engage in project work which may include the writing area, blocks, sensory play, art, computer area and gardening.  Starting in the Pre-K classroom, children are introduced to a phonics program and delve deeper into pre-reading, pre-math, and pre-literacy development.

In order to build a strong relationship with home and promote important Pre-kindergarten skills, the children take a fun literacy packet home to complete with their parents and then share with their friends at school.  Our students go on several exciting fieldtrips every year (transportation provided by the school) and we have “special guests” visiting us on-site.  There is a weekly themed lesson plan posted in the classroom related to rug time, classroom activities, and skill development.  In addition to regular classroom activities, the schedule includes a daily Spanish lesson.


pre-k programOur program is fortunate to have a spacious Pre-K yard, equipped with a large structure with three slides, a bike path, a basketball hoop, a mud kitchen, a construction zone, and a fairy garden.  The yard provides for multiple opportunities to play in large and small groups, as children cook in the mud kitchen, make mold castles in the sand box, play music on our instrument wall, and build with large blocks in our block center.  In the summer months, the Pre-K classes enjoy water play activities set-up throughout the yard as well our outdoor Clubhouse, complete with table centers for board games, Legos, and fuse beads.

Fleur De Lis is known in the community as a lead early childhood program, largely due to the socio-emotional and pre-academic readiness of our graduating students!