Patricia Nelson and Dr. Paul Strauss in 1972, shortly after the sale of the school.


Mrs. Anita Strauss, Diana Strauss, and Margaret Huffman circa 1975.


Fleur De Lis School has a rich history as one of the earliest nursery schools in San Diego County.  Founded in 1926 as the Open Air Play School, it moved to its present location in San Diego’s Hillcrest district in 1929.  The school’s name was changed in 1955 to Fleur De Lis Nursery School by the owner at the time, Patricia Nelson, whose family crest included the traditional “fleur de lis” symbol.




Mrs. Anita Strauss and Dr. Paul Strauss

Dr. & Mrs. Paul Strauss have owned the school since 1971.  Their children (now grown) and 7 grandchildren have been students in our program’s history.   Dr. & Mrs. Strauss see the school as their legacy of making a positive impact on the lives of many children and families in the community.  As a result, many of the staff have been part of the Fleur de Lis family for decades, and many alumni return with their own children to take part in our program.