Early Learners Program #2

Child Lesson in PreSchool Fleur De Lis San Diego
Сhilds are engaged in fine motor skills in PreSchool Fleur De Lis San Diego

Children sort fruits by colors PreSchool Fleur De Lis San Diego

Сhild's play in the yard in PreSchool Fleur De Lis San Diego
Happy Child's in PreSchool Fleur De Lis San Diego

Our Early Learners 1 & 2 programs focus on social and emotional development and guiding children as they make the important transition to a school setting.The teachers provide various opportunities for socialization, friendships, development of
cooperative play, and self-expression using “languages” such as music, dance, story-telling, art, and dramatic play.There is a weekly themed lesson plan posted in the classroom related to rug time, classroom activities, and skill development.Examples
of the themes include: Family and Friends, Fun at the Zoo, and I Like Myself.In addition to regular classroom activities, the schedule includes a daily Spanish lesson.

A large part of the day is spent outdoors enjoying the comforting shade of our 60 year old pepper tree.While outside, children engage in gross motor activities such as riding bikes on our large bike path, climbing and sliding on our dinosaur play structure,
and “traveling” on our stationary train.We treat outdoors as an extension of the classroom: where imaginations roam free as children paint at the easel, make mud pies at the kitchen, read books under the tree, and play pretend in our playhouse.

Children need to be 2 years old prior to entering our program.They do not have to be potty-trained prior to starting school and our teachers work closely with families to guide children in this important milestone in their child’s life.