Fleur De Lis School is one of the premier early childhood preschool programs in San Diego serving children 2 to 5 years of age. Since 1929, we have been providing a developmental approach for the social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth of the young children at our school. Fleur De Lis is located in the heart of the Mission Hills/Hillcrest area on a charming campus surrounded by the beauty of a canyon.

Why Families Love Us

This is a fantastic pre-school for your little one, one of the best in San Diego. Our child has attended FDL for the past two years and our experience has been incredibly positive. When we first arrived, our child was in the process of potty-training. The teachers encouraged us to talk with them about where she was in the process and that they would help us continue to train her. This is very important because schools will often times require that your child be potty-trained prior to admission.
The teachers are sensitive, receptive to our child, and incredibly creative and talented in teaching age-appropriate cognitive, fine and gross motor skills, art, and music. The size of the class is small, allowing the teachers to give a lot of one-on-one attention to each child. There are 2 teachers per class with a lot of extra assistance by other staff members as well, including bi-lingual (English & Spanish) education, which is the best age to teach a foreign language.
I highly recommend this school. It has been a foundation of San Diego pre-school education since 1929, earning them the reputation of being masters at their skill.


David S.

There aren’t enough kind words to describe what a special place this is! It is a school with so much history and tradition and full of so much magic. The teachers are so genuinely thoughtful and caring from the daily project and lesson plans to the keepsakes and memoirs they create for us. Kids are left to be kids and to explore and learn to be the best version of themselves. It is such a well-run establishment and it’s obvious the moment you step foot why it’s so revered among those who are fortunate enough to experience it. Thank you to all the amazing teachers, directors and staff who treat us like their own family. We have such grateful hearts.


Kelly D.

I came into the preschool experience thinking “every preschool is the same; they all read books, take naps, sing songs and play.” Fleur De Lis School shows me each and every day that there is a big difference between preschools. The teachers truly love the children. There is room for each child to be an individual and learn skills in his/her own time. There is a dedicated curriculum for each class that far exceeds what other preschools are offering. My daughter’s pediatrician sent her children to the school (and her children went to the best colleges in the country). She was so excited when I shared that I was becoming a part of the Fleur De Lis family because she knew what that meant for the happiness and development of my child. Finally, I teach at one of the top independent schools in San Diego. Many of my students attended Fleur De Lis and are thriving on our campus. The teachers encourage the students to be good citizens, independent thinkers and problem-solvers, caring individuals, and intelligent students. I would highly recommend Fleur De Lis School!


Carrie D.

As both an alumni and a parent–I can describe how much I love Fleur de Lis. Some of my first and fondest memories took place in the beautiful canyon setting–I felt like I went to school in a tree house, and I wanted my children to have that experience as well. Little did I realize what a superb academic foundation that Fleur de Lis provided as well. The children have Spanish everyday, which at a young age is critical for proper accent and fluency development. Additionally, they also benefit from a stimulating, and age appropriate curriculum that properly prepares for kindergarten. Fleur de Lis is all that I was looking for –a beautiful natural setting, yet in an urban environment rich with diversity, a loving, but also very structured staff, with the ultimate mission of promoting imagination and a lifelong love of learning.


Brooke G.

Our daughter is more than prepared to move on to Kindergarten. We have many family members and friends who comment on how impressed they are by all the interesting things the kids learn about and their knowledge for their ages. Both of our children absolutely love going to school here. They actually get upset if I pick them up too early! The school has a great sense of community, and the children have been able to form meaningful friendships with their peers.


Chris C.

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