Welcome to Fleur de Lis School. We are a traditional nursery school providing a developmental approach for social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. We offer your child the opportunity to feel secure, safe and happy in a loving home-like environment.

April Newsletter

Spring is upon us and here at Fleur De Lis, the children are excited to learn more about nature and ways to preserve our Mother Earth. Earth Day is on Tuesday, April 22nd.  Every class has fun activities planned in celebration of Earth Day and the holidays in Spring!

In celebration of Earth Day, we will be planting two new trees in our Pre-K yard.  These trees will be safer for our children and eventually will provide much needed shade for the yard.

Summer Plans: Summer Plans forms for the Pre-K classes are due on Friday, April 18th. Please return the forms to the Office or your classroom teacher.



Both classes will start the month of April by learning about Spring.  Their annual spring parties with egg hunts will be held on Thursday, April 17th and Friday, April 18th.

Ms. Terri & Ms. Kiara’s class will also do fun lessons about bugs and learn about their life cycles.  The group will also plant seeds and decorate a rice krispie “earth” as they learn about ecology.

Ms. Debbie & Ms. Chelsea’s class will be planting seeds and learn about the life cycle of the plant as they watch them grow. At the end of the month, the children will celebrate Earth Day with fun activities and projects!


Ms. Holly and Ms. Lizette’s class have a busy month planned learning about Plants & Seeds, the Pond, Easter, Ecology, and the Desert.  The children will be planting flowers and veggies at school and will make their very own bird feeders.  For Easter, the class will have a special celebration and an egg hunt.

Ms. April and Ms. Julie’s class will be learning about bugs and will create their own caterpillars using egg cartons.  In celebration of our Mother Earth, the children will talk about ways to “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” For the holiday of Easter, the children will do fun Arts & Crafts and will have an egg hunt.


The Pre-K fieldtrip to San Diego Zoo is on Friday, April 25th!                               

Ms. Tina and Ms. Amber’s class will start working on creating an “Alphabet Garden” and will need the families’ help with this fun project.  The children are excited to get their hands dirty.  In the month of April, the group will also talk about Earth Day, the Rainforest, Birds, and the Zoo.  The Spring Party is on Friday, April 18th!

Ms. Kathy and Ms. Lindsey’s class will start the month of April by being “insect investigators.”  They will watch caterpillars grow, spin into a chrysalis, and become a butterfly!  The class will then work on creating individual insect gardens to make homes for bugs outside.  At the end of the month, the children will learn all about zooanimals to get ready for their fieldtrip to the San Diego Zoo!          



In the month of Abril (April), the children will learn about Pascua (Easter) using songs, games, flannel stories, and much more!  Ms. Nina will also cover fun topics such as Mascotas (Pets) and La Charca (Pond).

Classes for 2013-2014:

2 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Terri & Ms. Kiara 

2 1/2 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Debbie & Ms. Amanda & Ms. Chelsea

3 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Holly & Ms. Lizette

3 Yr. Olds (in House):  Ms. April & Ms. Julie

Pre-K (Downstairs Class): Ms. Tina & Ms. Amber

Pre-K (Upstairs Class):  Ms. Kathy & Ms. Marzetta & Ms. Lindsey

Other Staff Members To Know:

Ms. Bev-Director

Ms. Kira-Assistant Director

Ms. Holly-Assistant Director for Outreach

Ms. Nina-Spanish Teacher

Ms. Adriana- Float Teacher Assistant in both 3 year old classes

Ms. Diana-Substitute Teacher in 2's and 2 1/2's

Ms. Heidi-Cook & Opening Teacher

Ms. Janet-Secretary

Mr. Jim-Maintenance

Mr. Marcos-Carpenter/Handyman