Welcome to Fleur de Lis School. We are a traditional nursery school providing a developmental approach for social, emotional, physical and intellectual growth. We offer your child the opportunity to feel secure, safe and happy in a loving home-like environment.



Our new school year begins Tuesday, September 2nd.   Please note that we will be closed on Monday, September 1st in observance of Labor Day.  We would like to welcome all of our new students and their families, as well as our continuing children into their new classrooms.  For the past few weeks, our staff has been busy organizing, cleaning, and decorating to get the classrooms ready for your children and we are excited to officially welcome everyone to the 2014-2015 school year!

Please take an opportunity to visit Mission Hills Library and see the display of our children’s artwork.  This summer, each class created a collaborative masterpiece and we are proud to display their work in our local library through the end of September.  

You now have an opportunity to order children’s clothing with our Fleur De Lis logo through Lands’ End.  It’s simple, just log in to www.landsend.com, select “uniforms”,  enter your information, and type in “Fleur De Lis” under “school name.”   The website offers a selection of shirts and sweaters. 


The Two Year-Old Class teachers are Ms. Terri and Ms. Stephanie.  The 2 ½ Year Old Class teachers are Ms. Chelsea and Ms. Diana.  Ms. Kiara is a floating teacher between the two classrooms and is in charge of our Half Day program.  

Both classes will take the first month to learn about each other, explore the classrooms and play yards, experiment with art, read special stories and learn new games.  Children may bring a special soft toy or blanket from home to help with the transition.

Throughout the school year, the teachers will provide children with many art experiences: glitter & glue, shiny dobber markers, fingerpainting, watercolors & starch, easel painting, and group collage among many others.  The children will develop a love of books through stories, which will help build their language skills.  Both classes will engage in many fun games, music & movement activities, and observational skills.  The 2 Year-Old Classes’ Open House will be in November. We will keep you posted on the date.


We have two wonderful Three Year- Old Classes.   Ms. Amber & Ms. Lizette are teaching the class in the main building “up the ramp.”  Ms. April, Ms. Adriana & Ms. Julie have the three year old class in the “house.” Ms. Julie is also our floating teacher for both 3 year- old classes. Come get acquainted at Open House on Thursday, October 9 from 6:30 pm to 7:30 pm.  This is a special opportunity for your child to show their classroom, so we ask that you do not bring siblings to this event.  Throughout the school year children will be introduced to various art media, participate in music and movement activities, learn science through cooking and gardening, have fun with Show & Tell, do a weekly calendar, and develop wonderful friendships!  The 3 year-old program focuses on many different skills including: memory, math, auditory and visual discrimination, comprehension, language, and science.   The teachers are excited to welcome your children into their classrooms!


Ms. Kathy, Ms. Marzetta & Ms. Lindsey (Upstairs Class) and Ms. Tina & Ms. Rebeca’s (Downstairs Class) are excited to welcome children to the magical year of Pre-K, full of learning and growing! Ms. Kathy, Ms. Marzetta & Ms. Lindsey’s class will have an informational Parent Night on Tuesday, September 9th 6:30-7:30pm.  This event is for parents only.  Our Open House is a special occasion for you and your preschooler and we ask that you do not bring siblings to this event.  The Pre-K Upstairs Open House is on October 21st  6:30-8:00 pm.  Pre-K Downstairs Open House is on Thursday, September 25th  6:30-8:00pm.  Both classes will study “Tide Pools” and “Ocean Life” this month to prepare for their first field trip.  We will go to the Birch Aquarium on Wednesday, September 17th. 


Bienvenidos (Welcome) to a new school year! Spanish will begin the first week of September for the 3 year-old and Pre-K classes.  We will wait until October for the 2 year-old classes to allow children time to settle into their new routine.   In the month of September, Ms. Nina will do a Revista (Review), Bienvenidos (Welcome) and talk about Amigos (Friends) and Familia (Family). 


Classes for 2014-2015:

2 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Terri & Ms. Stephanie 

2 1/2 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Chelsea & Ms. Diana

3 Yr. Olds:  Ms. Lizette & Ms. Amber 

3 Yr. Olds (in House):  Ms. April & Ms. Adriana

Pre-K (Downstairs Class): Ms. Tina & Ms. Rebeca

Pre-K (Upstairs Class):  Ms. Kathy, Ms. Marzetta & Ms. Lindsey

Other Staff Members To Know:

Ms. Bev-Director

Ms. Kira-Assistant Director

Ms. Nina-Spanish Teacher

Ms. Kiara-Float Teacher (2 Year Old Classes)

Ms. Julie-Float Teacher (3 Year Old Classes)

Ms. Heidi-Cook & Opening Teacher

Ms. Janet-Secretary

Mr. Jim-Maintenance

Mr. Marcos-Carpenter/Handyman